Success patterns of Data-driven Business Opportunities

Riga, Latvia
27th June 2019

BDV PPP Summit

By knowing that all the magic happens in the the intersection of exponential technologies and new business models. we had very engaged discussion at the session Data-driven business models at the second day of the BDV PPP Summit in Riga.

Recognizing this unprecedented potential, we discussed the emerging business opportunities and levers of business model innovation enabled by Big Data.

In my presentation I summarised the results of our study of data-driven driven start-ups for identifying patterns of data-driven business opportunities.  Based on the outcome of our study (which was accomplished in the context of BDVe and BDVA) we discussed best practices in identifying promising data-driven business opportunities.

All speakers shared their experiences about business stories and lessons learnt from EU companies and thus helped to make the business model perspective more central to the data-driven AI debate. For instance Diego López de Ipiña from Deusto, EDI Project shared examples from data-driven Business models from EDI incubated startups, Susana Garayoa from Zabala, Data Market Services project did give an Introduction to project services, Adrián Irala Briones from INDRA and TT Project reported about Data-driven decision making in retailing,  Davide Dalle Carbonare from Engineering shared insights about their Data integration platform and company cases and Sergio Gusmeroli from Polimi talked about Data-driven business models.

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